We at NovateSoft understand the needs of your business. We are very passionate about hearing your idea and becoming to the catalysts for the manifestation of your dream into reality. Your success is paramount to us and our only goal is to is enable you and your team(s) into achieving the desired outcome in the most cost effective manner.

We as a modern systems and technology consulting firm came into existence due to the intense passion within our founder Ramana Atmakuru. He embarked on his entrepreneurial venture, about a decade back, with the initiative of Ramana Coaching Center. Having the urge to feed energetic young minds with the scientific concoction brewed with over 20 years of industry experience, Ramana has successfully run the Center in Charlotte, North Carolina for about a decade now.

It is in the same spirit and demand from the society that lead to the birth of yet another entrepreneurial venture to address the requisites of the corporate environment, as well as the successful graduates from Ramana Coaching Center, that NovateSoft was engineered.

Ramana and his team of highly passionate and experienced engineers and data scientists, have set about in becoming the agents to help transform your dreams into reality.

At NovateSoft, with its experienced teams, we can help you transform your vision into a working reality. Although our services are not limited to the below list, we feel that the below list would be accepted as a starting point for us as your partners into opening a discussion towards a mutual successful growth.

We can help you with:

  • Design, architecture and development services
  • Re-platform services from mainframe to distributed technologies
  • Cost saving solutions
  • Batch Data processing
  • Web/J2EE development
  • Mobile (iOS) development
  • AWS / Azure partner services

We are devoted to becoming the IT Specialists and partners to your Company's success. Leveraging our multi industry technical experience we pride ourselves as your technology peers and would love to explore the possibilities of embarking on a successfully profitable journey for your stake holders while enabling your teams with the necessary skill set from basic to highest level of expertise.

Call us to begin this journey of enablement!