What exactly Information Technology (IT) Career Guidance counseling is? Students often view career guidance counseling as a "one-stop" activity, instead of as a process. Students can also make the mistake of thinking that a IT career guidance counselor can choose the "right" IT career job for them. So you can imagine the frustration that is inevitable if you are thinking that your counselor will tell you which careers will be most satisfying or those you are best suited for. That's not going to happen, and it shouldn't happen. Since you are the one who knows the most about your numerous IT skills, interests, abilities and personal preferences, YOU need to be the one making this important decision.

What Happens in IT Career Guidance Counseling Meeting?

IT Career Guidance counseling is similar to other forms of counseling. Your counselors, Mr. Ramana and his team, will want to learn about you and your interests, your strengths (what makes you feel strong) and your values. Other areas of exploration might include your family's beliefs and values, family expectations of how you are to make your living, and your own ideas about lifestyle, geographical location, or preferred work environments. In short, IT career guidance counseling is complex and multi-faceted and to do it justice, you need to take some time and reflect on your life and your life goals.

You do need to spend time thinking about yourself. Typically, IT career guidance counselors help students explore their interests, their skills and anything else that is relevant to choosing an ideal IT career path. Interests can include hobbies and other leisure activities, groups/clubs/organizations that you belong to or have belonged to in the past, current and past work experience, internships and volunteer experience.

Identifying your technical strengths might be more challenging, because you may not have had experience in doing this. It can be helpful to learn how to identify what you do well, what you do naturally, and what you LIKE to do. This isn't something that most people do easily and it takes time to become familiar with your IT skills/strengths so that you can tell a potential employer about them. But it is key to being able to choose a satisfying, enjoyable IT career and interview well for a position. Check out the Become An IT Professional workshops offered by NovateSoft's Career Services on Zoom. These are specialized programs that are structured to help you identify your strengths and abilities and prepare for the workforce.

IT is so vast and picking one path over the others is very difficult especially when you are at the cross roads and trying to figure out a path where the job is going to be rewarding both financially and emotionally. We do know how to get you there in a real practical way. NovateSoft will help you figure out exactly what you want, why you want it and how to go and get it. We both need to get to know you to help design the best plan possible for your career and life. From there you will be immersed in one-on-one meetings with Mr. Ramana.

Whether you are starting your first search, defining your career path, mapping out options, or considering graduate school, we can help you define your vision, develop your roadmap, and achieve your goals.

At NovateSoft, we are passionate about helping people to realize their goals. Whether it's clarifying your vision, developing a plan or pressure testing your ideas - we are here to help and guide what's best for you, but also hand hold you to make the outcome occur.

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